In today's digital landscape capturing and retaining online audiances is a formidable challenge. On average readers engage with just 20 words and spend less than 12 seconds on webpage. That's where FConnect steps in, reshaping the narratives

Smart Scan


Optimal Revenue

FConnect enhances engagement, uncovers new revenue opportunities, and empowers publishers with a proven track record of doubling revenue for lasting growth.

How FConnect works



  • Proprietary Crawler that index 1000+ Official Channels every few mins



  • Sophisticated Algorithm that scans the web page and analyses user preferences



  • Decision Engine that curates a relevant output from a library of over 10M+ indexed content



  • AI Powered Audience Profiling to improve audience engagement



  • Seamless SSP/DSP Integration for Contextual Targeting of Programmatic Ads

1.5B +

  • Video Recommmendation per Month

500M +

  • Total Video Play per Month

75M +

  • Hours of Engagement per Month


  • Engagement Rate Compared to Other Native Solutions


  • Content View Time Per User Per Month


  • Ad Inventory Created Per Month


Fill Rate
Fill Rate

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Elevated Content Curation: Unveiling Premium Videos for Every Passion. From News and Entertainment to Sports, Crypto, and Culture – our tailored recommendations cover it all, drawing from a vast content library of 10 million options! Learn More

Our Solutions

We provide publishers with a complete set of engagement tools and advertising monetization solutions, transforming their digital platforms into lucrative revenue-generating channels.

In Content

  • 85% of Audience want to see Quality Contextual Content
  • 1.5-2x Revenue Boost with proprietory Discovery Ads

Anchor Expandable

  • Perfect Solution for Mobile Apps
  • 10-12x Higher CPM compared to Traditional Banner Ads

Native Carousel

  • 55% Engagement Boost
  • 3-5x Higher CPM compared to Traditional Native Ads

In Image

  • Proprietary solution that contextually transforms article thumbnails into captivating video experience!
  • Converts less than half a second of image engagement to an impressive 2 minutes

Discovery Ads

Introducing our groundbreaking "In Feed Discovery Ads" – a proprietary, patent-pending innovation designed to elevate your audience monetization beyond the confines of Pre-roll ads. This state-of-the-art AI solution assures exceptional enhancements in fill rates, premium CPMs, and overall net revenue, setting a new standard in advertising excellence. Learn More

Why Us

Simple Integration

  • Single line of code, less than 15min developer integration time

No Contract

  • With FConnect, you are free! No commitment or exclusivity

Unified Reporting

  • Simple and Transaprent Dashboard for all your Stats

Account Manager

  • Dedicated account manager to optimize your Revenue

Automatic Payment

  • Reliable hassle free Automatic monthly payment

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